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Beetal Goats


Beetal Goats India

Distribution : The Beetal is found throughout the state of Punjab and Haryana. True-bred animals are however found in the districts of Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Ferozepur in Punjab. The breed is a good dairy type, second to Jamunapari in size but is superior to it in respect to proliferation and adaptability to various agro climatic zones and also to stall feeding.

Breed Characteristics

Size (Average)

Adult Male
Adult Female

Body weight (kg)

Body length (cm)

Chest girth (cm)


The breed is large but slightly smaller than Jamunapari and good dairy type. Coat color is variable, predominantly black (about 90%) or brown (10%) having spots of different sizes. The ears are long and flat, curled and drooping. Both sexes have thick, medium-sizes. The ears are long and flat, curled and drooping. Both sexes have thick, medium-sized horns, carried horizontally with a slight twist directed backward and upward. Roman nose. Male possesses marked beard while females are beardless. The tail is small and thin. The udder is large and developed having big conical teats.


Milk & Kidding: Yield per lactation varies from 150-190 kg, averaging daily yield 2.0 kg. The litter size single 41%, twins 53% and triplets 6%.

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