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Sirohi Goats India

Distribution : Sirohi District of Rajasthan and Palampur in Gujarat.

Breed Characteristics
Size (Average) Adult Male Adult Female
Body weight (kg) 50 40
Body length (cm) 80 60
Chest girth (cm) 80 62


Compact medium-sized animals. Coat color predominantly brown with light or dark brown patches’ a very few individuals are completely white. The body is covered fairly densely with hair which is short and coarse. The hair grows at the rate of about 2 cm annually. Ears are flat and leaf like, medium sized and drooping. Both sexes have small horns, curved upward and backward. On average, the birth weight is about 2.0 kg. The age at first kidding is 19-20 months and the litter size is one kid per birth. The breed is wel suited to stall feeding.


The breed is used mainly for meat. The milk yield is relatively small, about 0.5 kg per day, with an average milk yield of 65 kg over a 120 day lactation period.

Kidding : Usually doe kids twice a year, giving birth to single in 40% while twins in 60% cases, They kid twice a year.

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